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IGNITE-SX FOR HIM - Fast Acting Spray

IGNITE-SX FOR HIM - Fast Acting Spray

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Our IGNITE-SX For Him formula can:

Improve blood flow which increases sex drive.

Increase testosterone giving you strength and stamina.

Reduce anxiety which allows you to perform better.


Horny Goatweed…..5 μl

Tongakat ali…..25 μl

Ginko biloba.….30 μl

L-Arginine..…150 μl

Maca…..180 μl

Cowage…..7 μl

Panax Ginseng…..50 μl

Gokshura…..75 μl

Ashwagandha…..50 μl

Cordyceps sinensis…..7 μl
Lycium barbarum fruit PE…..50 μl
Cistanche Stem PE…..75 μl

Suggested Use

2 sprays under the tongue 20 minutes before sex. Wait 20 seconds between each spray and hold under the tongue for 20 seconds after each spray.

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